What We Do

Our services support you and your team to execute your mission. To individuals, we offer leadership coaching. To mission-minded teams and mission-based organizations, we offer facilitation and consulting. We use human-centered design to develop and facilitate inclusive workshops, retreats, and meetings that align with your mission.



Leadership, as we see it, is about taking responsibility and taking action. Whether you have recently stepped into a new role, want to expand your influence, or are curious about joining the “great resignation,” leadership coaching can help. We attract clients from a range of professional ranks and roles. We believe that everyone can Lead Where You Are. We specialize in coaching independent school leaders, coaches, and mission-driven professionals.

In a coaching engagement, we help you articulate, refine, and pursue action steps toward the realization of  your goals by asking probing and clarifying questions, providing feedback, and offering opportunities for reflection and practice. As coaches, we are accountability partners, thought partners, personal cheerleaders, and truth tellers. 

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” If you seek direct advice, we encourage you to pursue our consulting services.




During a facilitation engagement, we function as a “guide on the side,” rather than the “sage on the stage.” In other words, The Baobab Group does not direct or determine the outcome when facilitating a gathering. We bring an objective focus to the collaboration process as we assist you in reaching your team’s goals. We focus on the how so that you can focus on the what. Clarity of purpose and structure yield actionable results, whether at a weekly staff meeting or a three-day retreat.


Specializing in independent schools and colleges, we provide customized solutions to help departments and institutions with inclusive hiring and professional development. We work in partnership with our clients to design and deliver professional development workshops, team building, engagement, and leadership development programs. We also offer resources and training focused on developing more inclusive and equitable hiring practices.

creative, collaborative partnership that supports your mission