Frequently Asked Questions

What is a baobab? Why is this company named as it is?

Steeped in legend, the baobab tree is featured in creation stories, myths, and tales among the African communities in which they grow. For some, the tree is sacred. In fact, elders used to gather beneath the baobab where they felt spirits would guide them with decision making. All parts of the tree are useful: trunk for shelter, leaves for food; bark for rope or cloth; fruit, leaves, and seeds for traditional medicines. The baobab serves as both a place to draw inspiration and resources.

As a Black owned-business, we wanted the company name to reflect our African ancestry. 

Who do you coach?

Many of our coaching clients are professionals looking to advance or pivot in their careers. We also help individuals navigate the transition from employee to entrepreneur. From our offices in the Washington, DC area, we have coached clients in the U.S., China, and Ghana. While we partner with people of all genders, races, and nationalities, we are committed to supporting and assisting individuals with marginalized identities.

We work with mission-driven organizations and teams irrespective of industry. Our coaching and facilitation clients hail from a variety of fields, including philanthropy, clergy, education, fashion, civil service, and human resources. Our consulting practice focuses on the education and nonprofit sectors.

What kind of coaching do you offer?

We offer leadership coaching, which means that we help folx lead where they are. Our work is sometimes referred to as executive coaching.

What is your style of facilitation?

We believe that structured conversations often yield more actionable results and allow for more equitable contributions than “organic” discussions. Our values — authenticity, compassion, exploration — remain consistent even as we modify our techniques and approaches, depending on the group and the objectives of the gathering. We often design activity-based and energetic gatherings, though purpose dictates the pace and content. As facilitators, we are responsive, reflective, prepared. Our facilitation experiences provide the space for clients to be generative.

What collaborative projects are currently underway for The Baobab Group?

The Baobab Group has partnered with Penelope Codrington, Esq., Deal Facilitator to design and offer #WOBcall for women who have launched or are preparing to launch businesses. We collaborated with One Eleven Leadership to present at national conferences, such as NPEA, and to facilitate workshops on interracial professional relationships. We anticipate future collaborations with Lotus Leadership Coaching.

What is The Baobab Group's area of expertise for consulting engagements?

The Baobab Group offers consulting services to secondary schools, universities, non-profit organizations, and mission-minded for-profit companies. We specialize in designing inclusive hiring practices; facilitating professional growth; and implementing strategic plans.

How do I get started?
The Baobab Group invites potential clients to schedule a complimentary discovery call. Our professional engagements range from one-time, stand-alone consultations to weekly coaching or comprehensive projects.