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Leading For Good

The Baobab Group offers leadership coaching, group facilitations, and consulting to mission-minded leaders and teams who wish to expand their influence and impact on their industries and the world.

While prioritizing your mission and objectives, our approach combines formal training, professional & personal experience with intuition, street smarts, and emotional intelligence.

The Baobab Group, founded and led by Dr. Sidra D. Smith, supports individuals and organizations who want to make a difference by doing good. We draw on decades of experience in independent schools, higher education, and non-profit organizations.

What People Are Saying


Providing Insights

“”Sidra has a special gift to see and believe in the potential of others even when they aren’t able to see it in themselves. She helped me to reframe my career transition from a deficit mindset to one that was empowering and in complete alignment with who I wanted to be in the world. She encouraged me to lean into my values as I navigated unfamiliar terrain and was able to draw out connective threads that I wouldn’t have been able to see on my own. . . I can honestly say that our work together had a positive impact on every single dimension of my life.”                    

-Entrepreneur, Former Non-Profit Leader

“Sidra has a wonderful way of making you look in the mirror and face yourself, and although it’s not easy, it feels gentle and safe. I was encouraged to dig deeper and continue to ask myself reflective questions, while also not shying away from hard questions.”


Feeling Valued

“Thank you so much for putting this [facilitated virtual gathering] together. It was obvious that care and kindness went into creating this event, which is why it was so wonderful. “



“Sidra is a charismatic and personable presence, who brings her whole self to the facilitations she designs. She strives to unearth the creativity in a group to invite their buy-in for a process that often has team building at the center.”

-Educator & Writer



“Sidra helped me immensely with two key areas: 1. Identifying my communication style and learning how to be comfortable with silence and bringing value with the things I say. 2. Identifying practical ways to move from thought to action. Sidra saw that I was a thinker and spent time teaching me to get out of my own head and put things into action.”

-NGO Director


“I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Sidra twice now, each in very different seasons of my life. . . .During our time I gained insight into how I lead others, but, even more importantly, how I lead myself.  As a coach, Sidra not only equipped me with tools, but she helped me to become confident in using them.”



The Baobab Group is committed to contributing to the common good; facilitating the success of women and people of color in professional spaces; and supporting policies and practices that promote equity for all.